"You Don't Have to Feel This Way": An Honest Talk About Living with Depression

Reid Faylor


You probably know Reid as the hilarious bearded dude behind Writer Wars, That's A Thing, and brilliant posts like this and this—but today, he's sharing a side of himself that you haven't seen before. Like other members of the SparkLife community, Reid has depression, and in this slideshow he talks about recognizing his illness, seeking help, and eventually finding a way to feel good again.

It's our hope that having honest conversations about mental illness will help increase understanding and decrease stigma—and most of all, that it will remind our readers who have depression know that they're not alone. Click through to read Reid's story! 

Topics: Life
Tags: depression, happiness, mental illness, anxiety, illustrated slideshows, real talk, recovery, getting help, healing, self care, having depression, depression symptoms, treating depression, hang in there

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