The Ultimate Superpower Showdown: Flying Versus Invisibility

The Ultimate Superpower Showdown: Flying Versus Invisibility

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Beyond bending metal, beyond super speed, even beyond reading people's minds, there are the  superpowers that started them all, that exist in our most primal superpower-holding bodies. In fact, you can argue that all superpowers are just riffs on these two.

Today, you get to pick which one you want. Think of it as two shiny presents you come across in the middle of the woods, and you can only open one. What's it going to be: Flying or Invisibility?

You only get one. There are no take-backs. And there are no adaptations on the powers after you get them (i.e., invisibility also comes with force fields a la Fantastic Four).

You didn't expect to have to make the most important decision of your life today, did you? Too bad. Time to decide.


Flying's been a superhero staple since basically forever. You know there's a superhero because you see something up in the sky. Even if you're a lone-wolf no-glory superhero like Batman, the ability to fly is still something that should be in your roster. Everyone can find use in it.

This is definitely the superpower for extroverts, because there's no way to avoid being seen when you're soaring through the air. Introverts may like the ability to make a quick getaway, or the increased ability to travel alone, but flying is an extremely public superpower. You had better be ready for everything that comes with it. As this informative podcast says, the people who typically pick flying over invisibility tend to like the in-your-face, public-helper aspects of being a superhero. Veeeeery D.C., if you ask us.

The perks: Being able to fly means you can go anywhere and not have to worry about traffic or having to use a toilet in Penn Station. Imagine being able to see the world from way up high—to see a sunrise from inside actual clouds. With no fear of falling!

The downsides: Being able to fly doesn't come automatically with super strength. You might be able to fly circles around Godzilla and get him to trip, but you won't be able to knock him out once he's down. To be most effective as a hero, you'd probably have to take on light armor and focus on cutting things gradually. Think Sailor Moon and the Scouting Legion from Attack on Titan, not Superman. This may not be the type of hero you had in mind.

Heroes and villains with the power of flight: Superman and Supergirl, The Vision, Guru Laghima, and Wonder Woman. Plus a bunch who have this as a supplement to other powers.


If flying makes you think of D.C. superheroes, then invisibility is definitely the Marvel equivalent. The ability to just disappear whenever you want, do whatever you want unseen by anyone... makes you think about the light and dark side of yourself, doesn't it?

It's easy to say that this is probably the superpower for introverts, but that definitely isn't the whole story. Extroverts may choose to be invisible so that they can check on people at a party without anyone feel pressured to say they're having a good time. Or they could use it to steal stuff and spy on people. You know, if they were evil.

The perks: Being able to go invisible means being able to sneak into any place you want, beyond double-features down at the local cinema. You can eavesdrop, if that's your thing. You can wear overalls without fear of camel toe. An unexpected upside is that you may become more comfortable in your skin in visible life, too. Why would you be nervous about entering a social situation if you've already practiced going in and out ten times while invisible?

The downsides: It's hard to share this power with someone else the way Superman could fly in and catch someone—this isn't a stand-alone invisibility cloak. Unless one of your friends found another shiny present of the same color in the woods, you're going to be the only one with this superpower, and apparating in and out of places can get lonely really quickly. Being invisible is great if you want a You Day or to do some research in the Restricted Section to help the fam, but it also means you may end up spending more time alone than you intended.

Heroes and villains with the power of invisibility: The Invisible Woman, Claude Rains, Violet from The Incredibles, and anyone with any ties to an Invisibility Cloak.

So what's it going to be, people? Soar with the eagles, or hide in plain sight? We want to know.

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