QUIZ: Which Taylor Swift Squad Member Are You?

QUIZ: Which Taylor Swift Squad Member Are You?

The celeb superlative spot for “Most Popular” belongs to Taylor Swift by a mile. It’s no contest.

Here’s a gal whose 1989 World Tour guest list read like a veritable Who’s Who in Cool and who always, always has an unbreakable sismance on display at whatever event she’s shown up to receive her snazzy new shelf decorations. Tay literally redefined the meaning of “squad,” and she rolls deep with all her pretty pals every chance she gets.

So, which of Swifty’s umpteen besties is your soul sister? Take this personality quiz to find out!

What’s your ideal date?

  1. A nice little picnic with a view.
  2. I hear there’s gonna be a huge ~*party*~ next weekend.
  3. How about a quiet cafe brunch where we can rip into all the politicians?!
  4. Crank it up, and let’s boogie.
  5. Dinner and a movie, swoon.

What’s on the soundtrack of your life?

  1. “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed.
  2. “Oops … I Did It Again” by Britney Spears.
  3. “Carry On” by Fun.
  4. “Werk” by Rihanna.
  5. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

Describe your style.

  1. Anything with long sleeves and/or pants is where I’m at.
  2. Body con is ON.
  3. Um, do sweatpants count as “style”?
  4. Throwin’ it back to the ‘90s erryday, right here.
  5. Put lace on pretty much anything, and I’ll wear it.

Pick a snack food.

  1. Fruit -- any time, any place. Nature’s nectar FTW.
  2. Macaroons for me, pleaaaase. Yum.
  3. Gimme that delicious vegan protein shake.
  4. Cake! Cake! And more cake!
  5. A handful of no-milk cereal counts as a snack, right?

Your dream home would be located …

  1. Smack dab on the beach.
  2. Wherever my BFFs are at.
  3. A highrise in the middle of the busiest city, please and thank you.
  4. Plant me somewhere with all the poshest peeps.
  5. The suburbs are for me -- yawn all ya want.

Your go-to lip shade is:

  1. A deep crimson.
  2. Bright pink, MWAH.
  3. Yeah, no. Try clear lip balm.
  4. A nude tone, maybe?
  5. Princess peach is my mojo.

Who are you voting for in this year’s presidential election?

  1. This year’s whole crop just depresses me. Nobody.
  2. Still undecided!
  3. Hillary Clinton because goooo girls.
  4. I’m feelin’ that Bern.
  5. Beyoncé for president. Seriously.

Add 'em up, and let's see where you landed on the T.Swift squad line.

Mostly 1sLorde. You’re a deep, semi-introverted soul who likes to be more of an observer than a do-er. People might think you’re a snark through and through, but you’re actually pretty sweet once people get to know you.

Mostly 2s: Selena Gomez. You’ve reached a point in your life where all the crush gush is gone. You used to spend a lot of time fretting over that bad romance, but now you’re ready to get busy having all the fun you missed out on worrying about whatshisface.

Mostly 3s: Lena Dunham. You are the kind of person who means what you say. You’re whip-smart, sophisticated, and you’ve learned to let the small stuff slide right off your back. Other people’s opinions take a backseat to your own, and you know that the only way to find true love is to cherish your own self first and foremost.

Mostly 4s: Cara Delevingne. You’re probably one of the most easy-going members of your crew. You have a low tolerance for B.S., true. But people love that about you because it means you’re the person your friends can count on to call it right out when they’re slippin’.

Mostly 5s: Hailee Steinfeld. You like to keep things simple. You’re intelligent and brave, sure, but you don’t often find yourself mixed in with the mess that other people seem to get themselves into. You’re dependable and honest, and you know *just* how to say what’s on your mind without hurting anyone’s feelings.

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