32 Virtual Valentines From Your Fave Celeb Crushes

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As we have continually told all of our friends, you don't need a date this Valentine's Day because you have virtual Chris Pratt to fulfill your every romantic whim. After all, the internet contains every iteration of love that you could possibly be looking for (your very own galactic prince, examples of TWUE WUV, and access to all the glories of world cuisine that can bring you joy beyond compare). Plus, internet Ryan Gosling isn't going to care if you eat the entire tray of chocolates yourself.

So, for you perusing pleasure, set your phasers to OGLE and prepare for your very own line-up of pretty faces that can each be your Valentine at the click of a button. Once we learn how to use technology, this slideshow WILL become our computer's permanent rotating screensaver. Happy Valentines to US.

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