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Suggestions For What 2016 Can Be The Year Of

Suggestions For What 2016 Can Be The Year Of

Paul A. Hebert/Press Line/Splash

-Year of #DogGoals

-Year of Disney's #DogGoals

-Year of Disney's #DogGoals 2: Boondoggoaled!

-Year of the Diving Horse

-Year of the Handerpant

-Golden Age of SnapChat

-Golden Age of Being Very Rich

-Year of The Other Taylor Swift

-These Were Not The Hoverboards We Were Promised

-Year of the Soup Cleanse

-Year of the Casual Soup Date

-Soup & Chill


-Year of anger is a valid emotion, so yes, I M mad.

-Year of U sorry?

-Year of Usury

-Year of the Ultimate Supremacy of Bella Hadid. All Hail Bella Hadid.

What do you think 2016 will be the Year Of?

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