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You've Been Waiting Your Whole Life for this Slideshow: It's...TEXTS FROM INSIDE HOGWARTS

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Harry Potter had pretty much everything you could ask for in a book (magic, dragons, a yearly death-defying rendezvous with the forces of evil), but there was one thing missing: twenty-first-century technology. There is no aspect of these novels that could not have been improved by texting, emojis, and internet shorthand, and that's a fact. Imagine McGonagall catching someone texting in class. Imagine Dumbledore using the word "salty." Imagine Draco Malfoy's text messaging persona. Is he a "k" kind of guy? Is he more of a "kk"? I'll never know for sure, and this haunts me.

All we can do now is wistfully envision the life we might have known. I just so happen to have a slideshow for such an occasion.

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