20 Tricks that Double as Treats

20 Tricks that Double as Treats

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'Tis the season for pranks, but in the words of T. Swizz, why they gotta be so mean? Kind of takes the fun out of it when someone loses a job or winds up with a lifetime fear of hessian bags. Can't a trick also be a treat, we ask? YES THEY CAN! Looking for an honest-to-goodness nice prank this fall? These 20 positive pranks promise to end in group hugs and cuddles instead of tears.

  1. Fill her refrigerator with mini-birthday cakes. So many cakes.
  2. Hire a band to follow him around playing his own personalized superhero theme song for an hour. Just imagine taking that calc quiz with this playing LIVE in the background.
  3. Move his car from its usual spot in the parking lot to another one. Have it washed and detailed in between. Don't forget the hot wax and tell-tale air freshener.
  4. Post photos of her favorite celebrity offering life-affirming, positive messages everywhere—her locker, her windshield, her computer, the bathroom mirrors and stalls, dry erase boards, doors, hallways. You're right, Benedict, I do look especially fetch today.
  5. Fill her car with minion balloons. No one will stand in her way.
  6. Dye all the eggs in his refrigerator like Easter eggs. Have them spell out a message, like "U R EGG-CELLENT."
  7. Stuff the toes of her shoes with cool, new socks. She won't be able to get the shoes on her feet, but she won't mind.
  8. While your friend is showering, sneak into the bathroom and replace his towel with this funny one. Because nobody wants to see that.
  9. Carefully cut out the last chapter of the book she's reading and replace with a new chapter in which she stars. (Save the original ending, unless you want a mad friend.)
  10. Set the autocorrect on his phone to relay positive messages. "Hey" becomes "You are smart." "BRB" becomes "You are kind." And "xo" becomes "You are important."
  11. Fill her pencil case with Pixie Stix. SUGAR HIIIIIIIIGH!!!!!!!!
  12. For your SO, take something from him or her and ransom it for a kiss. iF YOu EveR Want TO sEE YoUr caLcUlaTOR aGain yOU wIll mEEt Me beHInd thE gYM at 2:00PM.
  13. Fill a bowl with M&Ms, Skittles, and Reese's Pieces and set out for people to enjoy. When they pop a handful of that assortment unknowingly, they will get the prank—and eat their treat piece by piece next time.
  14. Buy your friend a soda, but flip the tab around. When they can't figure out why they can't open it, let them in on the joke. At least they still got a free soda! (Think about it.)
  15. Fill every compartment of her desk drawer or car console with candy. She will have to eat it clean.
  16. Put up posters and a Craigslist ad for a singing contest. Use your friend's phone number for the call-in line. Callers should sing the refrain of Whitney Houston's 1992 hit, "I Will Always Love You."
  17. Order a "pizza" that turns out to be cake. I thought that pepperoni tasted like strawberry...
  18. Put googly eyes on every item in your friend's locker. What nicer way to say, "I've got my eye on you?"
  19. Buy your friend a coffee, but paste a photo of a pig's snout to the bottom of the cup. Or just buy him this mug, and hope he doesn't look at the bottom... ever.
  20. Change his ringtone to the sound of applause. Whenever he receives a call, start clapping along and see if others join in. Clapping is contagious, after all.

Whom will you be treating with your tricks this Halloween?

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