Fight the Plague of Awful "Sexy" Halloween Costumes With These Adorable, VERY UNSEXY Costumes

Madeline Gobbo


'Tis the season of the diastrous "sexy ___" costumes, which strip down the accoutrements of actual costumes to a belt, a set of ears, and a tiny skirt. To this we say NAY! We shall counter the racks of sexy Halloween costumes with a rack of the LEAST POSSIBLY SEXY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES that could be conceived. Madeline Gobbo leads the way with her fetch but not fetching illustrations <3

Please join us in this very SFW slideshow...

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Madeline Gobbo

Madeline Gobbo is the store artist at The Booksmith in San Francisco. She illustrated Mallory Ortberg's TEXTS FROM JANE EYRE and her work has appeared on The Daily Dot, The Kernel, The Toast, and Full Stop.

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