PICK ME, CHOOSE ME, LOVE ME: 5 of the Best Romantic Rivalries in Fiction

Tyler Feder


AH, LOVE TRIANGLES. In fiction, when two dreamboat dudes compete for the heart of the object of their affection, EVERYONE WINS. Except the saddo who doesn't get the girl. He loses. BUT THE REST OF US, WE WIN. Because there's nothing more riveting than a good old'-fashioned romantic rivalry, we enlisted the help of the hilarious, uber-talented Tyler Feder (seriously, her Etsy page will make you weep tears of joy) to illustrate five of our favorite dueling lotharios. Click through to see them all, then hit the comments to answer the age-old question: PEETA, OR GALE? (We gotta go with Peeta. HE COMES WITH FROSTED CARBS.)—eds

This slideshow was originally published in August 2015

Topics: Books
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