We Asked You About Sex Ed and Found Out That There Is PLENTY of Awkward in Today's Teachings

Grant Lindahl


Ahead of SparkLife's Sex Ed Week, we asked you the Sparknation to tell us about YOUR sex ed experiences (in short, they could be summed up as Extremely Brief and Incredibly Awkward). What we found was that only 25% of you think you're getting an O.W.L.-worthy education on your body parts and how to deal with relationships and intimacy. By far, your most popular source of information on sexy stuff is the internet, which is crazy when you think about how much the internet cares about providing reliable information versus how much it cares about providing GIFs of Chris Pratt braiding hair.


THANKFULLY, we will be running a bunch of special sex-ed-themed Auntie posts this week, along with fun, funny, and helpful primers on self-confidence, the HND, and all your other favorite awkward things.

For now, click on to find out what your fellow Sparklers had to say about sex ed in 2015!

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