Dating With Science: Can Facial Features Predict If Your Crush Is THE WORLD'S MOST DATEABLE PERSON?!

Jon Skindzier


Welcome to the triumphant return of Dating With Science, which has risen from the ashes like a nerdy, awkward phoenix. This feature originally appeared on the MindHut, written for an audience of dudes, before we realized this site doesn't have those, at which point it became gender-neutral and moved to SparkLife, until the author forgot about it and it moved to nowhere. But now it's back, ready to once again examine scientific studies for the answers to life's most important questions! (What does "hot" even mean? How are guys so bad at reading body language? Why does the very presence of a girl literally turn guys stupid?) Today's topic: Facial characteristics, and the ways in which they are sneaky (YOU JUST CAN'T TRUST AN EYEBROW, SPARKLERS).

Sometimes you meet a guy and you can just tell, without even having to talk to him, that there's something special about him. You can't quite put your finger on it (that would be a move for a third date, at the earliest), but it's obvious that he's thoughtful or sensitive or Joseph Gordon Levitt's long-lost twin or whatever quality makes your heart go all a-flutter. But flash forward a few dates, and it's as though he's morphed into a completely different person, like a liquid metal Terminator. Pressing the issue with him gets you nowhere. "Why must you always stab people with your metal knife arms??" you ask, and he's like "Well why are you always ingesting organic matter for sustenance??" and you wonder how the guy you fell for turned out to be so unlike your expectations.

Of course, you'll always learn some unexpected stuff about a guy as you get to know him better. A relationship is like a jack-in-the-box: always surprising, and liable to make you cry, if you are a big baby. But sometimes your initial impression is so off-base that you don't even know what happened. (Spoiler alert: what happened was SCIENCE.)

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