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Presenting YOUR DAILY DOSE OF ADORABLE: Here Are 10 Cute Animals Giving You Compliments!

Kate Allan


SPARKLEBUTTS, I am BEYOND excited to introduce you to our newest illustrator, the fabulous Kate Allan! After you see her first slideshow, you're going to squee for 47 minutes straight and probably try to hug your laptop at least twice. We can't wait to share more of her work with you soon, but if you just can't get enough of her amazing illos, you can follow her on Tumblr (and you can follow us too)! Now, click "next" and prepare for CUTENESS OVERLOAD. —Chelsea Dagger

Topics: Life
Tags: puppies, confidence, self-esteem, funny things, cute things, compliments, unicorns, dragons, jennifer lawrence, baby animals, illustrated slideshows, self love, adorable animals, benedict cumber batch, magical creatures, this is basically just a bunch of illustrated hugs

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