SENIORS: We Have Your High-School Bucket List

SENIORS: We Have Your High-School Bucket List

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If there are things you want to experience while still walking the hallowed halls of high school, then YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!!!!!! Wake up! Graduation is less than three (MAYBE EVEN LESS THAN TWO) months away. That is certainly enough time to dominate your bucket list, but you'd better get to crossin' off other items while waiting for that epic promposal to come waltzing into your life like Augustus Waters with a limo and a plane ticket to Amsterdam. If your current bucket list consists of "Eat an entire pizza by myself" and "Marry Benedict Cumberbatch, aka Hunkadoris Rex," here is a little inspiration. Now get to it, you fools!

Go. Freaking. Talk to him (or her) already! Don't give us that look. Don't start with the "buts" (hurr). Just sit down at his lunch table, loiter at her locker, see if he knows what time it is, ask her if she wants to marry you and have your babies, and then awkwardly say, "Haha! Just kidding. Kind of not really." Just. Do. It. Need 1990's cinematic inspiration? Here you go.

Register to vote. Assuming you will be 18 before you graduate, this is one of those moments that defines your entrée into the "real" world. Twenty-sixteen presidential smaaaaaackdoooooown, here you come!

Forgive someone. Seeing as "high school" is actually the top-secret training camp for the CIA's Psychological Operations Forces, chances are that someone at some point has not treated you so nicely in high school. But do you know who will walk away with her head held higher? You, if you rise above it and tell that bully that you forgive her for calling you the name you can't say in front of your parents for four years. Maybe it's in person, or maybe it's by email or anonymous note, but you cannot overestimate the power of letting go of the wrongs that were done to you as you move on to this next phase of life. Shake it off, indeed.

Apologize to someone. Chances are also high that you may have hurt someone during your high school career. "But I'm sooooooo nice!" you say. We're sure you are. But look back and really think about it. Maybe you didn't mean to, or maybe you did. Maybe it was an isolated incident, or maybe it was an ongoing campaign. Here is your opportunity to embrace a better you. Say you are sorry simply and sincerely (none of this half-baked, "I'm sorry you feel that way" stuff) and give someone else the chance to forgive.

Wear whatever the heck you want to school. Always wanted to wear your Spongebob pajamas to school? Go for it. Too afraid to wear that dress your friends told you looks like you're calling a square dance? Spin your partner round and round! Tired of a dress code that stifles your individuality? Fudge it. If your principal has any sense of decency, she will grin and bear it for a day. If not, maybe save this for under your graduation robe.

Kiss someone. If putting your tongue into someone else's mouth before you enter college is on your bucket list, we guarantee there will be an opportunity in the final, heady days of your high school career. Basically, all bets are off when you know you won't be seeing each other in calc on Monday morning. Need some tips? Ask Jono or Auntie. They write about kissing a lot.

Give up your internet and phone for 24 hours. Even if just to prove to yourself that you can. It's the new cleanse.

Write a fan letter. Every year you age beyond high school, writing a fan letter to a celebrity moves away from cute fangirl and toward creepy stalker. Besides, if you're going to marry Bennie and have Cumberbabies, you better introduce yourself.

Create a memory box with your bestie. Go old school with an ACTUAL box and ACTUAL objects, or do it digitally with Google Drive. Save pictures, inside jokes, texts or emails, mementos, your bucket lists. Include letters to each other to be opened during your first week at college and/or one year from today. It'll be a tearjerker, but in a good, there's-snot-running-into-my-smile way.

Thank a teacher. Poor teachers. They get thanked so infrequently, and it's sad because it's all they really want in life (okay, maybe a raise and donuts, too). So if there is a teacher or counselor who made a difference, big or small, in your life, write a note on some clever stationery and deliver your last day of class. Be specific. "Thanks for letting me write about hedgehogs for my personal essay" is better than "you're cool."

Go to a school sporting event. Maybe it's football, or maybe it's fencing. Maybe you've never missed a game, or maybe this is your first. Either way, you should not leave high school without experiencing the frenzied phenomenon of school spirit at least once. Would it kill you to yell "Rah!" a couple times? Bonus points if you paint your face.

Take a road trip. Road trips are the stuff of high school movies for a reason. Whether it's cross-country or cross-town, before you leave for college, hit the open road with one to four of your closest friends, a scarf (there's always a scarf), and a playlist. Stuff just happens on road trips.

Take a Cut Day. In the working world they call them "personal days," and we think you've earned one (unless you haven't earned one and this will actually jeopardize your graduation, in which case ignore us and as you were). Need 1990's television inspiration? Here you go.

Get your yearbook signed by everyone—yes, everyone—in your class. Take it up a notch and get everyone in your school to sign it. Yep, that includes the lunch lady with the mole that "talks" to you.

What's on your high school bucket list?

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