We Crown the Cutest Pet in the Virtual Universe

We Crown the Cutest Pet in the Virtual Universe

Instagram/@RabbitandButtons; iStock; Instagram/Penny_the_Fox

Friends of the virtual animal kingdom, let me inform you that the SparkLife Pets of Instagram Tournament championship was a nail-biter. Penny the Fox and Buttons the Bunny were neck and furry neck until the very end. But as we know, there can be only one wet-nosed winner of this bracket. To recap, this is how the battle went down...

We began with sixteen of the cutest faces the internet could muster, and weedled our way down through flared nostrils and floppy ears to just two.


The battle was fierce, and hotly contested, but there could be only one face we planned on having made into commemorative china...


In her acceptance speech, Buttons wiggled her nose a lot, ate some alfalfa, and said this win is for all the lop-earred rabbits who never got out of the 'hood.

Penny's response to her loss?

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Happy Easter, one and all! Make sure you follow Buttons on Instagram.

Are you devastated or did your team cruise to the March championship title?

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