Fuzzy Wuzzy Pets of Instagram Bracket: Round 2

Katheryn Williams / Instagram


Yesterday my hubs and I went to local animal shelters to see if we could find a dog to adopt. With allergies that have been known to swell my red, weeping eyes shut and have historically limited me to breeds that end in "-poo," "-oodle" and "hairless," this is a difficult job. A job made even more difficult by the fact that EVERY. SINGLE. dog and cat in those kennels was so cute I could have barfed rainbows and heart emojis.

"I'll take them all! Round them up and bring them to the van, Giles! And we're going to need more Kongs—lots more Kongs," I would have said in an alternate world (in which Giles is my personal assistant). It was hard :(

So can you IMAGINE if you were forced to choose between the Class A Adorable pets in this bracket? OH WAIT, you can imagine because I am asking you to do just that. Welcome to the Kennel Club. Please vote. Vote hard. (Write "left" or "right" in the comments in order of slides.)

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