REJOICE: The Great J.K. Rowling Twitter Mystery Has Been SOLVED!

REJOICE: The Great J.K. Rowling Twitter Mystery Has Been SOLVED!

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If there's one thing we're bad at, it's deciphering riddles (and also constructing basement time machines from melon balls and industrial strength wood glue, BUT THAT IS A STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY). So you can imagine our frustration when on Sunday, J.K. Rowling tweeted an infuriatingly cryptic clue about the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The clue, which J.K. revealed to be an anagram, read:

AND OH, DID WE PONDER. We pondered with the ferocity of Hermione's right hook and the accuracy of Ron's slug spell.  Our very own Elodie managed to isolate the name  "Newt Scamander," but as for the rest of the hidden message, we were at a loss. Even the subsequent hints offered us no clarity (probably because our heads, though astoundingly large, are filled with Ansel Elgort gifs instead of brains):

Just when we were on the brink of giving up all hope and moving to an abandoned ham factory to live out the rest of our days in solitude and misery, a miracle occurred: SOMEONE SOLVED THE RIDDLE.

Thank GOURDS for all the geniuses floating around in the interwebs; without you, we would be eating canned ham with a spoon right now, and then chasing it down with a lukewarm helping of more canned ham. ONE SHUDDERS TO THINK. Fortunately, we can now continue on with our lives as Sparkitors/Harry Potter's second biggest fans, counting down the days until Fantastic Beasts hits theaters in November of 2016. (Which reminds us: anyone have a few spare melon balls they can lend to our time machine? We think we're just a few cantaloupes away from BEING ABLE TO TRAVEL TO THE FUTURE.)

Did you crack J.K. Rowling's code, or were you as confused as we were?



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