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Penny the Fox Is Your Spirit Animal, and Ours

Instagram/penny_the_fox / NASA Hubble Telescope


You may have seen yourself in a LOLcat, you may feel like a sloth on some days, but you have not met your ultimate spirit animal UNTIL NOW.

Penny the Fox is a one-year-old fox who has been adopted by three bipeds from Penny's parents' home. She has thousands of Instagram followers, and, according to her furless parents, loves "naps, blueberries, ear rubs and catching bugs." PENNY IS ALSO YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL.

Whatever feeling you have felt, PENNY HAS BEEN THERE.

Whatever unnamed instinct lies within you, telling you to scream and dance, IT IS WITHIN PENNY ALSO.

Whatever wild hairdo you are rocking, PENNY HAS ROCKED THAT HAIRDO.

Slammed your tail in the door? PENNY HAS PROBABLY DONE THAT.

Click on to see your life in pictures (Penny's insanely cute photo album) and be one with nature!


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