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What's Your Post-Gender Name?

What's Your Post-Gender Name?

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Rory Gilmore and Rory Williams. Hayden Panettiere and Hayden Christensen. Tracy Turnbald and Tracy Jordan. If you had been stranded Cast Away-style on a deserted island for the last couple of years, you might not be able to tell which of these people are male and which are female. That's because Rory, Hayden, and Tracy are all considered gender-neutral names, meaning they're common monikers for both ladies and dudes. WELCOME TO THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, EVERYONE. CONGRATULATIONS ON CATCHING UP WITH GENDER POLITICS. With names like Addison and Spencer, which are traditionally boys' names, being used more often for girls, the list of unisex names is getting longer and longer! Just follow the steps below to find your very own gender-neutral name, along with a fun surname to round out your new moniker!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the second letter of your middle name.

A: Quinn

B: Kelsey

C: Tracy

D: Sam

E: Riley

F: Addison

G: Hayden

H: River

I: Taylor

J: Devon

K: Jordan

L: Reese

M: Charlie

N: Casey

O: Rory

P: Carson

Q: Blair

R: Jessie

S: Bailey

T: Spencer

U: Skyler

V: Kennedy

W: Carson

X: Chandler

Y: Robin

Z: Dakota


Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite classic arcade game.

Pac-Man: Jamie

Galaga: Lennon

Dig Dug: Sidney

Donkey Kong: Madison

Space Invaders: Ashley

Pole Position: Phoenix

Street Fighter: Lindsey

Frogger:  Drew

Mario Bros.: Morgan

Other: Peyton

"Why must I chose just one?!": Lee

"Arcade what?": Shannon


Last Name: Choose the surname that corresponds to your favorite Lord of the Rings character.

Frodo Baggins: Hambleton

Aragorn: Kircher

Boromir: Brown

Merry and/or Pippin: McTavish

Samwise Gamgee: Callen

Gandalf: Freeman

Sméagol/Gollum: O'Gorman

Gimli: Brophy

Legolas: Turner

Sauron: McKellen

Arwen: Hunter

Lady Galadriel: Hadlow

Éowyn: Nesbitt

Other: Stott

"I can't choose just one!": Armitage


Post by Rory Phoenix Armitage

What is your post-gender name?

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