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SQUEE ALERT: Meet Lil Bub, the Cutest Cat in the World



I've always said—nay, sworn—that I bear an unequivocal dislike for cats, but today, I'm here to admit that LIL BUB HAS MADE A LIAR OUT OF ME. This potato-sized feline has melted my cold-yet-inexplicably-sweaty heart—and it doesn't hurt that her owner is FOXY AS HECK.

If you're not familiar with Lil Bub's story, lemme give you the lowdown: she was the runt of a feral litter, and was born with dwarfism, a mobility-inhibiting bone condition, and an undeveloped lower jaw (which is why her tongue sticks out permanently). It became clear that she would need very special care, and that's when Mike Bridavsky and his tattoos stepped in (ARE YOU SWOONING YET?). He adopted Lil Bub in the summer of 2011, and when he posted a pic of her to Tumblr, he unknowingly created an internet PHENOMENON.

Lil Bub quickly became the object of universal affection, and three years later, she has her own websitea book, a YouTube channel, a gig as a late-night TV host, a movie, a coveted spot on Mindhut's Celebrity Apocalypse Team, and a bevy of "awww"-inspiring merchandise—not to mention millions of adoring fans (AND I NOW PROUDLY COUNT MYSELF AMONG THEM). Perhaps most impressively of all, she and Mike have raised over $60,000 for various animal welfare organizations (which means they're not only adorbs, but also have hearts of gold. WHERE DO I SIGN UP.)

Click through the slideshow to check out some of Bub's cutest moments, and then hit the comments to squee with me over this truly amazing tater!

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