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The Giver As Reviewed By A Professional Doodler



Jonas meets his friends Fiona and Asher (Odeya Rush and Cameron Monagahn.) They’re the three best friends that anybody could have!

A few disclaimers before this review: The last time I read the book The Giver was around 1995, so I could be hazy on some details of the original source material. Also, from here on out, this will be ALL SPOILERS.

Opening Scene: The film starts out in black and white. A voice-over from Jonas introduces a society of “true equality.” The community has a sleek, modern, futuristic design, yet all the kids are using the worst bikeshare vehicles we've ever seen.

Jonas is played by Aussie semi-newcomer Brenton Thwaites. I was worried that he would be too hunky and old and turn the movie into a gratuitous teen-heartthrob-make-out-fest, but no.  Jonas has a cute, sweet, golden-retriever-vibe and looks like he’s juuust about to grow into some really handsome eyebrows.

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