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Your Jamie Blackley Mix Tape!

Your Jamie Blackley Mix Tape!

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WE WARNED YOU. We warned you that your hearts were not safe from If I Stay star Jamie Blackley's crush tentacles. It's not just that he has big eyes, skinny Harry Styles legs ("my mum's legs," he says), and an Isle of Man accent (he sounds like a REAL GROWN BRITISH MAN), but that his singing voice will leave you legless.

He sings in If I Stay, in which he plays burgeoning rockstar boyfriend Adam to Chloe Grace Moretz's character Mia (and he isn't the ONLY thing that's burgeoning IFYWIM), but if you're a Briton you might ALREADY be on high crush alert from his turn as Otto in the West End production of Spring Awakening, or his role in We Are The Freaks, about punk and protest in the '90s.

This is, above all, a crushbot that loves his music (HINT: THE WAY TO HIS HEART). We have been stalking him trawling through his Twitter feed and reading/re-reading our interview with Chloë Grace Moretz for more insights into SPARKLIFE MAN OF THE YEAR 2015, and these are the songs that are MOST LIKELY to find you jamming out with ol' Jamie.

On his own musical tastes, he told Bring the Noise UK that, "I listen to everything from hip hop to... my favorite band is Joy Division. I don't really have a pigeonholed idea of what I like. If I listen to something and it makes me feel nice, I'll put it on my iPod."

Let's get creeping listening!

As a prelude to actual music videos, here is Jamie singing along with One Direction's "Story of My Life."

Jamie's other favorite band, it would seem by the sheer number of shoutouts he gives them, are The 1975. He has gone nutso about "Robbers," which we will duly offer up to the Jamie Blackley gods.

Jamie's buddy Andrew Douglas directed the music video for "Messed Up Kids" by our personal gigantic musical crush, Jake Bugg.

Here is more of The 1975, at Jamie's urging, singing "Settle Down."

Moving onto the requisite track from Jamie's favorite band of all time, Joy Division, with their HISTORICAL MUSIC TABLET "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

Jamie's costar Chloë Grace Moretz outed his love of Katy Perry/Top 40 fluff pop, but his GF, adorable Skins star Amy Wren, had already tagged him in a tweet before a Katy Perry concert—also tagging the KitKat herself, and bringing all the stars in the galaxy into alignment. This is Katy Perry's "E.T." (feat. Kanye West).

Is Jamie buddies with Rixton? Probably? Maybe? He retweeted their song "Make Out," which, FOR THE RECORD, we were all over months ago :D

According to Chloë, Jamie digs a bit of hip hop here and there, including consummate New York music czar and one half of the world's greatest power couple, Jay-Z. Here he is banging out "Can't Knock the Hustle" (feat Mary J Blige).

In a Vine on the If I Stay fan page, Jamie honors Brit Pop kings, the Beatles. Here is "Don't Let Me Down" for no real reason other than I am digging it, and they have a lot of hair in this video.

OKAY, stuff is getting real. As we have already teased, there is a supermegafoxyawesome cover of Smashing Pumpkins' "Today" in If I Stay that will have you downloading the original as you walk out of the theater (Jamie plays and sings, Chloë plays and sings, magic is made). Here is the unadulterated original:

And here is a taste of the INCREDZIBLE cover (click through to the tweet) ...

This was Mia’s best day... what was yours? Show us w/ a photo or video tagged #BestDay & we might share it! #IfIStay

— If I Stay (@IfIStay) July 7, 2014

One for the road, the Black Eyed Peas singing "Let's Get It Started."

Is Jamie Blackley on your crush radar? Do you COVET his taste in music?! Are you excited to see If I Stay on August 22?

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