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Blogging LeakyCon: Pics or It Didn't Happen!

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This past weekend, SparkLife dropped Sam off at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters with her owl and wand in tow, and she boarded the Hogwart's Express for LEAKYCON, in sunny Orlando, Florida, SO THAT YOU MIGHT LIVE! (Yes, Orlando is where The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located.) There, Sam crossed convention hall after convention hall looking for a Cedric to take home as a souvenir (SPARKITOR'S ORDERS), stopping to refuel with some nonalcoholic butterbeer. Here, she discusses all things LeakyCon!


These were one of my favorite things at the market place, because of the awesome names—try "Basilisk Venom" and "Felix Felicis" on for size.

Mud In My Blood also had some posters that I found fantastic, especially the one that said: "No boys, unless they're cute! No alcohol, unless there's enough to go around! No parties unless Umbridge is invited!" Ten points to you if you get that reference!!!

(Get 'em here!

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