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Writer Wars: Introductions

Oh writers, has it really been a week already? I feel like it was just 7 days ago that I was giving you a new prompt, awarding runners-up, getting excited for stories. What's that? 7 days is a week? Don't be ridiculous.

Last week had a couple of real tearjerkers, and the teariest of jerks (is that a compliment?) was most certainly jedialonza, who was our Sparklers' Choice Award winner. Her story "Because of the Brave" painted a beautiful, charming picture of an elderly veteran. Without a line of dialogue, you witness a silent friendship form between the narrator and the old man. It wasn't a tearjerker for being overly sad or sentimental, rather it welled up watery emotions from it's simple displays of human kindness. Really dang good work. Look for the illustrated version later this week!

If you want to read last week's stories, you can find them here:

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