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Butt Jokes Through History

British Museum/Wiki Commons; Julius Caesar Ibbetson


Some people like to relax by sitting down with a tub of ice cream, or taking a walk, or drawing a bath (just illustrating themselves a bath), but we at SparkLife love to blow off steam by cranking out butt jokes. It makes us happy. Let's see if our butt jokes through history make you crack(!) a smile.

First up: Stonehenge.

Located in Wiltshire, England, Butthenge has been dated to 2200-2400 BC roughly, and is perhaps man's earliest giant monument to the butt. The stones are arranged in pairs of two leggish pillars, topped by a butt, which is where the humor comes in. The circle of butts is surrounded by a ring of "Aubrey Holes"—an old English term you may recognize.

In spite of its prehistoric origins, Stonehenge has featured in contemporary life, and was the setting for the Battle of the Beanfield in 1985. NO ONE WINS THE BATTLE OF THE BEANFIELD!

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