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Reasons I Love H. Alan Scott

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Reasons I Love H. Alan Scott

OK, most of you probably know that I have the biggest crush on H. Alan Scott, our absolute favorite Sparksplainer. And while I'm trying to not sound creepy and obsessed (it's love), here are a few of my favorite things:

1. His perfect hair.

2. How his hair is so smooth and shiny and soft and perfect all the time.

3. His red striped t-shirt.

4. His plain blue t-shirt.

5. How adorable he is whenever he's excited about something.

6. How adorable he is in general.

7. His passionate belief in Beyonce's peace-keeping capabilities.

8. The way he fumbles about trying to point at his Twitter at the end of every vlog.

9. How he wants to make us smart and sexy by teaching us about stuff.

10. How he has managed to get me addicted to news.

11. Da Newz.

12. His Cancer House Guest video.

13. Seriously, did I mention his perfect hair?

14. His adorable smile that makes you smile too.

15. His frontier dance. And the gif.

16. The way his hair curls up from time to time.

17. How he says, "right?" and the way he smiles when he says it.

18. His intelligence and awareness about pretty much everything that goes on in the world.

19. His glasses. So adorbz.

P.S. I'm so sorry I used your picture!

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