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My boyfriend, Lee, and I have created this, erm, tradition (for lack of a better word), in which we write each other a poem before one of us leaves for somewhere.  Tonight, he leaves for the second half of his Drum Corps tour, so I won't see him for two and a half weeks.  This is my poem for him.


Once upon a time

I thought I knew what love was.

I was Frozen’s “love expert”

Whose experience came from:

Romantic comedies

Disney musicals

And heart-melting love songs.

I wrote scenes where characters fell in love

Though I’d never experienced it

First hand.

But why should I have to?

When so many singers




Have researched for me?


Six months ago

Love was the fire that blazed

When lips touched

It was the electricity

That tingled in fingertips.

Love was but a heart

Marching in time with a drum

It was the healer of all wounds

It was hope for a brighter future.


But six months later

After days of kissing

Of hugging

Of dancing and laughing

Of crying

Of singing and baking

Of living through it all

With you

I know much better now.


Love does not burn like a fire

Rather, it warms the soul

So it may never feel cold again.


Love does not shock like electricity

Rather, it cycles energy

Connecting two bodies

By a single, powerful circuit.


Love does not follow another sound

Rather, it makes the heart its own instrument

Pounding loudest when it needs to be heard

To remind people that they are alive.


Love does not use other methods

To bring solace

Rather, it is the healing serum.

That seals the gaps in the soul

That fills the scratches of relationships past

That readies the being

For the happiness to come.


Love does not bring hope;

Love is more than hope.

Love is a promise

That the future is bright

That every storm has to end

That I will hug you tightly

That I will kiss you passionately

That I will be there for you

That I will fight dragons with you

That you aren’t alone anymore.

Because I am here with you

Because I am cheering for you

Because I am lifting you up

Because I love you.

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