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The BEST TIMES That Celebs Played DC Comics Characters

Michael Vlasaty / Benjamin Ellis


COMIC FANS, MAY WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION! To celebrate the DC Comic Spectacular, Barnes & Noble stores are giving away DC goodies TODAY (all you have to do is show up!). You can also get a free DC graphic novel for every two you buy until MONDAY, July 28!

In honor of the DC Comic Spectacular, we've had a stroll down Memory Lane, GOTHAM CITY, to find the most NOTABLE performances various celebs have put in as DC characters. Are you more of an Alicia Silverstone/Batgirl or an Anne Hathaway/Catwoman kind of person? Did you fall for George Clooney's Batman or Christian Bale's Dark Knight? The answer says A LOT ABOUT YOU! So, let's take a look inside the DC Universe!

Image credit: Michael Vlasaty / Benjamin Ellis

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