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Sparklers as Websites

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Sparklers as Websites

Image reproduced with permission from the artist, elontirien (DeviantArt)

On the July 7, 2014 Open Thread, the OT'ers discovered the interwebsseries, a tumblr dedicated to the personification of internet websites. Our very own TheDoctor212 found the picture above (again, courtesy of the interwebsseries) and we proceeded to decide which OT'er matched what website. And here are the results, some with detailed explanations, some not.

NinJas_are_Mi (Because I'm arrogant enough to start with myself) : tumblr. (Obviously, it is because of my sparkling humor and strong opinions on politics. More likely it is because of my awkwardness, weird obsession with hashtags and puns, and an ongoing love/hate relationship with 4chan.)

Nacanaca12 : (This is a quite obvious one as Naca is our resident fanfiction writer and uses more than the rest of us.)

TheDoctor212 : SparkLife (I DON'T CARE I AM BOB THE ALMIGHTY WRITER OF THIS POST I CAN PUT YOU WHERE I WANT DOCTOR THEO. *pants* Anyways, Doctor is basically the personification of SL, and especially the OT, which is a huge part of SL. She's nice, funny and quirky among many other things, and thus I CALL HER SPARKLIFE.)

screamingilyso : creepypasta (This is also a quite obvious one as Lily likes to post creepypasta links and scare the everliving sh*t out of all of us.)

suethespider_sinkthewelsh : Pinterest (According to the great marscrystal42 this is because Pinterest encompasses music, art and all things hipster-y, much like our beloved Sue. Also, Sherlock and I are friends on Pinterest and I see her on there a lot.)

Just_Miss_Bookworm94 : GoodReads (The username is key here. Book is our resident BookWorm and thus is totally GoodReads. Also, GoodReads is not a mean website in the slightest and neither is Miss Book.)

marscrystal42 : The Mindhut (In her own words, she is Mindhut because she is "Ignored and caring about nothing but fandoms." But in my humble opinion, it is because she's smart, nerdy and pretty swell. So there, Animal Cracker.)

Furnunculus : Pottermore ('Tis only fitting that our resident HP fangirl is Pottermore.)

smile-more : brainyquotes (Because, it's informational and inspirational, much like Smile.)

soccer2rules33 : twitter (Just one of those things that fits. Plus, soccer is probably the only one of us who is savvy enough to use and fully understand twitter.)

Moonyinthetardis : tvtropes (Full of good information on different pop culture things and an excellent source of/for writing.)

radhareallylongusernameican'trememberinit'sentiretybutyoulovebooks : Cleverbot (Radha has many different back-and-forth conversations on the OT, some that make sense, some that don't, some that are super deep sh*t and some that are just for the h*ll of it. If that ain't Cleverbot...)

DoctorClaraHolmes : Yahoo! (Again, just one of those things that just fits, though Clara was quoted as saying it was because she was crazy.)

SuperSpyReadingGirl : Bing (Because Spy is sometimes splurking in the background of Sparknotes, but she's always extra helpful. #BingIsJustAsGoodAsGoogle)

shh_imfangirling : Snapchat (First off, because Fan had a baller snapchat as her profile picture for awhile, second because she's one of the few Sparklers comfortable with face showing [probs because of the awesome hair] and third because Snapchat is bouncy like Fan)

The_Master : Something Awful (It has some wonderfully creepy things like Slenderman, which is because Master is very much like Lily with creepy things. It also has intelligent and offensive humor. So YEAH.)

So was this accurate? Who did Ninjas miss? What website do you think accurately represents YOUR SOULLLLL? Why is Ninjas talking in the third person and using italics like the Sparkitors used to do? Wait, do they still do that? Hold on, let me check....HEY THEY STILL DO IT WHAT THE H*LL...Ninjas apologizes for all the cursing, only she doesn't. 

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