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Subjects No One Talks About but Everyone Studies in High School

Subjects No One Talks About but Everyone Studies in High School

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“I don’t focus on anything other than academics. I am all work, all the time.  Other teenage 'drama' doesn’t apply to me.”


We don’t like to use words like “liar” or terms like "super big liar," but if anyone is feeding you those lines they’re, umm, fudging the truth? It doesn’t matter if you’re the class valedictorian or the class clown: EVERY SINGLE PERSON in high school secretly studies about 732 “other” subjects. We're not talking about algebra or chemistry, we are talking about social subjects that mean nothing and absolutely everything at the same time.

Here are the Top 5 high school subjects you never knew you were studying, and helpful tips to help you NAIL THEM IN THE UPCOMING YEAR.


Ugh. High school can be the worst with this. But here's the thing: Everyone deals with insecurities—every single person, regardless of how model-like and perfect they seem. As you grow, you learn how to cope with these insecurities and ultimately figure out ways to shush those mean little voices in your head that say things like:

You’re not seriously going to go OUT with that pimple, right??

No way I’m going shopping with Michelle she’s like a size 2, I’m just going to feel like a heffer all day!

If I can’t make the switch from sports bra to like regular actual bra, I’m going to cry for the rest of my life. BOOBS WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME???


Finding a group to connect with in high school is important, but worrying about how that group is perceived? Not so much. Listen, every one wants to be “popular.”  But when you’re thinking about the “popular” people at your school, ask yourself these questions about them:

Are they kind people?

Do you feel you have similar interests and hobbies?

Do you feel like with them you can be yourself?

The answers to these questions are valuable. Try your hardest to surround yourself with people who make you feel GOOD about yourself and whether that be with the anime club or the cheerleading squad, you’ll be happy because you’ll feel GOOD.


Being “dorky” or “nerdy” in high school often means amazing, high-paying jobs in the future.  You’ll never be able to use your mean-girl skills on your resume!

It’s better to have a few great friends who really have your back than a bunch of fake friends who really don’t?

And oh yeah, our fave: In college, you won’t be who you were in high school! So the day after graduation, class hierarchy no longer applies! You'll be free!

Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team. This doesn’t have anything to do with reputation really, but it’s just a really important thing to know. See. Don’t you immediately feel better?


You get straight As in nearly every subject but you freeze like a statue when coming face-to-face with your crush.  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. If you’re like EVERY OTHER NORMAL HIGH SCHOOLER IN THE WORLD, you struggle with this. How do you get that special someone to notice you?  How do you flirt?  How do you flirt without stuttering or sweating? How do you make sure you’re not coming on too strong? How do you act around someone you like? 

Detailed answers to these questions must be saved for another post but what we can offer you now is this: take comfort in knowing that EVERYONE THINKS ABOUT THIS! Even if they don’t seem like they do, they DO! It’s awkward when you’re just starting to flirt and date and you’re over-analyzing every move you make and beating yourself up constantly for looking “stupid” in the process! All you can do is: Allow yourself to make mistakes and keep a sense of humor in the process! You are unique. You are special and you are one-of-a-kind. Try not to let flirting seem scary and try to have fun with it. BE YOURSELF. Be yourself because guys, girls, whatever—we ALL admire and respect someone who is being true to them!


This isn’t to say every high schooler is interested in fashion. Some high schoolers are interested in ripped t-shirts and dirty jeans, but you know what? That’s their fashion sense! We all have a fashion sense; some of us just put more time and effort into ours than others! In high school you are constantly comparing yourself to others in a negative or positive way (mostly negative because it’s high school). If you’re anything like I was in high school, you wanted to wear something that was “cool” but didn’t “draw too much attention.” My “look” in high school changed about as often as my nail polish did. I went from being the ultimate wall-flower to Lady Gaga in the space of four years. My personal fashion advice for you guys? Wear what you like and what feels comfortable for you! Every one will have an opinion but everyone is worried about the same thing you are.  Also if you like someone’s outfit, tell them! It’s nice and it will make you feel good! Pay it forward!


To quote our girl Rihanna, “I hate how much I love you.”

We have more information at our fingertips than presidents did 15 years ago! The internet is an incredible resource but like a super power, it is both a gift and a curse. Nowadays your worth can be determined by how many Instagram followers you have, how often your status is “liked” or how many times you get ReTweeted.  Social media can give us a very false sense of accomplishment and acceptance and it is very hard to not get too addicted to it all. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining a healthy relationship with social media!

Use it for good, not evil!

Example: It is OK to spend an hour using social media to gain knowledge about prospective colleges. It is NOT OK to spend an hour on Facebook looking at photographs of your ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend.

Keep a real life while maintaining your fake life!

Example: While out with friends or on a family trip, don’t be glued to your iPhone. Instead of being so consumed by documenting your life, try to actually LIVE it!

Be aware of how it makes you feel.

Example: If looking at other people’s profiles only makes you compare yourself to them and ultimately feel sad: Try to limit your social media time. Take baby steps. It can be a real addiction if you allow it to be!

What are some other "subjects" you're taking at AP level?

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