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Writer Wars: Villains

Hello, my dear, talented, precocious, indefatigable writers, and welcome to your weekly WRITER WARS—the only weekly writing competition where two writers enter, one writer leaves. Then the other writer leaves shortly after. The door is too small for both. Also, more than two writers can do this, it's not a strictly duo thing.

I really need a better tagline.

Anyway, this week's Sparklers' Choice Award winner, the author whose story earned the most votes, was Jedialonza. Last week's prompt asked writers to deliver a classic villain monologue, full of evil, plans, and captured heroes, and her story "Inside Your Mind" did that and more. It was eerie and villainous in a truly unsettling manner, because the villain in her story was motivated by love. Or, perhaps more specifically, intense, psychotic obsession. It was chilling, to say the least. Look for the illustrated version later this week! And, if you would enjoy seeing last weeks' stories, you can find them here.

Topics: Life
Tags: villains, sparklers, writing, winners, writer wars, monologues gone evil

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