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Sparkler-Tastic Summer Style: 6 Awesome Outfits & 6 Sparkitor-Recommended Reads!

AH, SUMMER. Is there anything better? Actually, yes. Lots of things. Pancakes, for one. Hamburgers with pancakes as buns, for another. BUT, if you combine summer with both STYLE and BOOKS, it is a formidable competitor indeed for the title of "Things There Aren't Anything Better Than." (No, I haven't had my coffee yet, thank you for asking.) HENCE, this slideshow, which features not only J'ADORABLE outfits for the season of sweat, but also KILLER YA NOVELS recommended by some of your fave Sparkitors and Sploggers! Click through to bask in my spectacular stylistic sensibilities (WHAT, I'M NARCISSISTIC ON FRIDAYS) and get some great reading recommendations, and then hit the comments to tell me which look you'd lurve to have in your closet, and which book will be your next obsession!

Dagger Note: This slideshow was NOT sponsored; a big thank you to American EagleASOS, ModclothH&M, and Sephora for letting us feature their fantastic products!

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