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Check Out the Billboard Awards & JLaw's Sexy New Hairstyle In This Week's Hottest Celeb Looks!

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It's MONAY, darlingbutts, which means IT'S PANCAKE DAY (I call Monday "Pancake Day" because of how many pancakes I eat every Monday to offset the soul-crushing gloominess of the beginning of the week. (Spoiler Alert: I also call every other day Pancake Day.)) It ALSO means that it's TIME FOR A CELEB STYLE RECAP, an arbitrary decision I just made with zero basis in tradition, motivated purely be a desire to LOOK AT BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OF BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Click through the slideshow to check out some of your favorite starlets all gussied up in gorgeous ensembles, then hit the comments to A: tell me which look you loved most, and B: CHALLENGE ME TO A PANCAKE EATING CONTEST. (Please bring your own pancakes. And also some pancakes for me, because I accidentally already ate mine.)

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