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10 Ways to Avoid Getting Called On in Class

10 Ways to Avoid Getting Called On in Class


Most people would rather spend dinner discussing metaphysics with Mario Lopez than have to speak in front of a class full of kids. That's how terrifying it is. So why do we get  tortured with it at school? Being called by teacher means being put on the spot. Facing our fears and possibly looking like a big dingus in front everyone. Why risk it? Here are some quick tips to stay out of the the teacher's gaze and learn to live another day to watching Extra on E! Television.

1. Answer A Easy Question First

The best way to avoid getting called on for the hard questions is to answer the easy ones first. You'll be out of the line of fire, plus look like a real smartie for knowing that George Washington crossed the Delaware River in whatever that painting was. God, lets hope they don't ask you who painted it!

2. Sit in the Front Row

Yes, I know it sounds dangerous, but more than likely the teacher is going to call on people who sit in the back of the class. Let them take the heat for you doodling for an hour, right under your teacher's nose.

3. Ask The Teacher a Question First

If you feel like your teacher is gearing up to ask you some hard questions, beat them to the punch and ask them some hard questions yourself. Then you can watch them squirm when you ask, "Why Einstein's hair was like that?"

4. Creepy Smile

If for the entire class you're creepily smiling at your teacher, she will be too freaked out to call on you, fearing that if she does you'll ask her what side of the bed she sleeps on.

5. Stutter When Called

Pretend that you have a bad case of social anxiety whenever a teacher calls on you. Stutter over words, shake uncontrollably, pee a little—whatever it takes to make the teacher feel so sorry for you'll never get called on again.

6. Bribery

That's right. Old fashion bribery. Find out what your teacher likes and get it for them, whether it's flowers, fresh fruit or season one of The X-Files. Sure, you'll get teased for being a teacher's pet, but you'll be resting easy when it's pop quiz time.

7. Create a Distraction

Pull the fire alarm, set up a whoopie cushion, call in a prank phone call, have a friend streak outside the window, make birds noises, let a dog loose, hack into the PA and play a Drake song, etc. Whatever it takes to get a few seconds of distraction so you can dive out the window before getting called on again.

8. Plead the Fifth

"Sorry, Ms. Hamilton. I can't answer any questions about the War of 1812 unless I  have a lawyer present."

9. Change Your Name

Change your name to something unpronounceable like "Xhornel Fieggins" so the teacher will have no idea how to call on you in class without a Rosetta Stone.

10. Know Your Stuff

The best way not to get called on in class is to just study hard and know the material. If every time you get called on you know the answer, the teacher will be less likely to call on you again in the future. But that does mean you'll have to take time away from Candy Crush to study more. So it may not be worth it.

Do you mind being called on?

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