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The Vlog You Didn't Ask For & Never Wanted: HERE ARE A FEW OF MY FLAVORITE THANGS!

The Vlog You Didn't Ask For & Never Wanted: HERE ARE A FEW OF MY FLAVORITE THANGS!

I'M BACK, BUTTS. Surely you've noticed an enormous, forehead-shaped hole in your heart these past three weeks, which is why I've returned with a VENGEANCE, wielding the finest vlog concept the interwebs has ever seen (FALSE). In today's masterpiece, which was supposed to clock in at 5 minutes but of course ended up pushing 9, I monotonously list various items that I like (and YES, it is just as revolutionary as it sounds). On the off chance that YOU like some of these things too, I've included links below! But for now, set your face solidly into a grimace and settle in for yet another inexplicably lengthy, wildly and/or mildly entertaining CINEMATIC CHELSEA DAGGER GEM.

Links to Schtuff I Lurve:

Washi Tape: $2.99/Roll at Target

EOS Lip Balm: $3.49 each at Ulta (also available at most grocery stores)

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Perfume: $55 at 

Graphic "Bon Voyage" Tee:I actually got mine YESTERDAY as part of a PJ set at, but I can't find it online; here's a similar one, and they have tons more cute graphic/word/sentence tees as well!

Laid Back Sweatshirt: On sale for $10 at (I also have and LOVE this tank from H&M!)

Neon Sunglasses: $12.99 at Target; $5.80 at Forever21

Certain Dri and Degree Men's Deodorant in Arctic Edge: Available at most grocery stores (Walgreens, Target, CVS, Safeway, etc)

Summer Scarves: $8.80 at$14.99 at Target

Sun-Kissed Eyeshadow Palette: $6.80 at

Nine Stories by JD Salinger: From $6.99 at

Whale Talk and Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes: From $9.99 at

 DO YOU LOVE ANYTHING THAT I LOVE?! Surely if you have a beating heart than WASHI TAPE strikes your fancy. What are your favorite style accessories/beauty products/books so far in May? ALSO PLEASE I BEG OF YOU GIVE ME IDEARS FOR THE NEXT VLOG.



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