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You'll Never Believe What's Written in This Post!

You'll Never Believe What's Written in This Post!


You may have a dad. But you probably don't have a dad like this dad. We LITERALLY can not believe what this father does for his gerbil.

Spiffy was a gerbil who absolutely loved appearing in pictures that YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK AT! Sadly he lost one of his feet in an incident that we GUARANTEE WILL MOVE YOU TO TEARS.

But this father wouldn't let his gerbil go without a foot! Thankfully, the father as a master at tiny wood working. He had already created twenty-seven miniature versions of world monuments (the thirteenth of which, we dare you to look at without your mind being blown!).

The father lovingly crafted a tiny wooden foot from the gerbil, and when you hear how he gave it to the gerbil, everything you thought you knew about tiny wooden gerbil prostheses will change.

First, he told the gerbil they were going to the zoo. But then once they got there, the dad vanished. The gerbil should have known something was up! When he passed the zebra cages, all the animals started dancing in a flash mob that's so amazing, YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT'S REAL!

But just wait, because when the dad joins in on the mob you'll have to try not to CRY YOUR EYES OUT! The gerbil is clearly moved to tears when the dad hands him the tiny foot.


The gerbil and the dad traveled to every country in the world, taking a picture with a child they met in each one!


The gerbil and the dad got separated, but thirty years later they randomly met on the ANNIVERSARY OF THAT TRIP TO THE ZOO!

We're sincerely sorry that your mind IS NOW IN PIECES ON THE FLOOR! Good luck picking it back up in time to see these thirty-eight images of landscapes recreated in breakfast food. NUMBER FOURTEEN IS INCOMPREHENSIBLE TO THE HUMAN MIND!

Have you not clicked yet?! WELL WE CAN STILL GET YOU TO CLICK!

You'll never believe what Katy Perry was caught driving!

You'll be amazed by what this turtle can't hum!


Did you click any of those? Well even if you didn't, what happens next will amaze you!

It's us begging! That's the amazing thing! Please, please click some of these! We're running out of ways to make mundane things seem incredible. Let's be honest. When we say we have something "you won't believe," it's never something actually unbelievable, like a talking squirrel or a girl who can fly through space without oxygen. Instead it's about a person who started a new creative charity or something like that, which is pretty awesome, but also very much believable.

Would you have clicked it if the title wasn't INCREDULOUS AND IN ALL CAPS? Who's fault is this really?!

OK, fine, it's our fault. If it makes you feel better, we wrote out some apologies that ARE ABSOLUTELY INSANE, YOU MAY HAVE TO PICK YOUR JAW UP OFF THE FLOOR AFTER THESE!

Is this the most clickable piece you've ever seen? How could it be MORE clickable?!

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