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Prom Small Talk to Get You Through the Night

Prom Small Talk to Get You Through the Night


Prom time? Refer to your handy checklist: shoes, hair, dress, purse, underarm sweat mops? CHECK. What about small talk? You will be stranded a) at your house, b) in the car, c) at dinner, d) at prom, and e) at Donut Den (if you live in Nashville) with your date and you will need ENOUGH SMALL TALK TO SURVIVE THE WINTER! Here are some ideas for idle chit chat:

"Who are you wearing?" 

"So, whatcha studying this year?" 

"Did you hear about the lunch lady scandal?"

"I hear there's a swimming pool underneath the dance floor." 

"Come here often... or at least once a year?" 

"What's up with this year's prom theme?"

"Between a wolf in sheep's clothing or a shark in a dolphin suit, which do you think would win in a fight?"

"How long did it take you to get ready tonight?" (Girls: "Three hours." Guys: "20 minutes.")

"Did you know that balloons were invented in 1824, the same year as the electromagnet?" 

"So, who'd you vote for king and queen?" 

"Don't you think it's weird that they're called king and queen even though we voted for them like a democracy?" 

"Fancy meeting you here." 

"How many people did you ask before you finally got a date?" 

"Let's try to get the principal to break dance." 

"Interesting fact: The first reference to a "prom" was way back 1894, but it didn't really take off in high schools until the early 1900s."

"How come guys get to rent tuxes and we have to buy our dresses?" 

"So, who's your favorite philosopher of the 19th century?"

"Dare me to start a food-fight?" 

"Bet I can make a better ugly face than you."

"When Dr. Who went to prom, I bet he wore a Benedict Cumberbund."

What weird things come out of your donut hole when silence descends?

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