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This Video Is All You Need to See to Dance Up a Storm at Prom!

This Video Is All You Need to See to Dance Up a Storm at Prom!

By Janet Manley

If you've ever bobbed around awkwardly on a dance floor while simultaneously viewing your awkward spectacle from above in a moment of disembodied horror then you will love this video!

Splogger Christi Chiello and her buddy Ryan Balas have created a CUSTOM GUIDE to moving your body parts on the D.F. for prom 2014, featuring the songs you know you want to hear!

Within, find such patented moves as:

  • The "Suit and Tie" dance
  • The clavicle pop
  • The horsey
  • The streetcar
  • The awkward slow hold
  • The naked wrecking ball

and others!

Don't forget the pasta maker!

Has Christi taught you everything you know about dancing at prom?!

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