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Table for One (Hamster), Please!

Table for One (Hamster), Please!


The internet gods have been good to us: HelloDenizen has filmed the world's tiniest Mexican fiesta, at which a hamster sits down in a miniature cantina and enjoys a nano burrito prepared by a meticulous chef. The only way this could be better is if a hamster mariachi band were to serenade the hamster gentleman during his meal. Or if someone were to make a full recreation of The Three Amigos using hamsters. (I am not trade-marking these ideas; consider them open source and available to you to REALIZE FOR ME! You would only need the corner of a studio lot to film the whole thing, and the overhead would naturally be small.)

Interestingly, the hamster eats his miniature burrito in the same way that I do:

Shortly thereafter, he realizes he put too much hot sauce in and experiences internal conflict; a battle being waged between wizard and dragon in the bowels of the Earth. A blink later, the hamster is ready to repeat his mistake all over with a second burrito. Truly the only thing missing from this recreation of EVERY NIGHT OF MY LIFE is the bottomless chip basket and groveling for more pico de gallo. Also: a terrible Spanish accent (I am from AUSTRALIA! I am TRYING!). Here is the video:

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[via Jezebel]

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