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Louis CK Thinks Your Homework Is Dumb

Louis CK Thinks Your Homework Is Dumb

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Louis C.K., hilarious comedian of many talents, has turned his ever-observant eye to his daughter’s homework. He took to Twitter to air out his annoyance about the unusually difficult and confusing questions his third-grade daughter was trying to tackle on Monday night. Common Core, a federal education initiative which aims to enforce curriculum standards across the country, depends highly on standardized tests and is at the heart of Louis’s funny Twitter rant. We're not sure why, but watching a parent/adult go after the insanity that standardized testing can create feels immensely vindicating to our eight-year-old selves. IT'S NOT THAT IT'S DIFFICULT! Our child-selves shout. It's that you seems to be trying to trick us with vagueness and misdirection!

Here is a short primer from Huffington Post on Common Core, for those of you not enrolled at Hogwarts:

The Common Core aims to implement more rigorous education standards in schools so that American students will be better able to compete with their international peers and to make sure students around the country are being held to the same measures. They have drawn the ire of some on the left, who take issue with the high-stakes tests associated with the standards, and some on the right, who see the standards as an example of federal overreach. (Federal grants encouraged states to adopt the standards.)

The original tweet that started the whole chain, is almost at 7,000 retweets. Holy moly.

Watch it all unhold before your eyes below:

What do you think about standardized testing? Have you noticed any bodgy homework questions?

[via Huffington Post]

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