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Blogging Vampire Academy: Part 11

Blogging Vampire Academy: Part 11

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Last week on Blogging Vampire Academy Lissa got kidnapped! Rose knew, and should have rushed off to save her but instead felt compelled to get it on with Dimitri! It's all happening so fast and we have only a few chapters left!

Chapter 21

Rose and Dimitri are now tax-paying residents of Make Out City. Dimitri kisses her neck, her face, her chest and all the while a voice in the back of her head keeps saying, "Stay with him. Don't think of anything else." Someone is making them hook up like this, which wouldn't be such a bad thing if Lissa wasn't getting thrown into a burlap sack right now.

Dimitri puts his hands behind Rose's neck and unfastens the diamond rose necklace Victor had given her. With that, suddenly, Rose feels like she has been slapped in the face. Her mind reels, a fog lifts, and she remembers something about Lissa back at the chapel.

These two are never going to get to the Capitol Building, are they.

That damn necklace had been controlling their minds somehow. But who was doing it? Old man Victor? Dimitri could sense that the necklace was somehow controlling their feelings towards each other and with all the strength he had in his body he gets out of bed, opens the window, and flings the expensive pendant out the window.

At that moment, Rose's mind is clear. The passion towards Dimitri is gone and all that is left is the urgency she feels for Lissa. She remembers! She tells Dimitri what she saw and the two of them get dressed. Christian is brought in by Ms. Kivora. It takes a moment to explain to her that Lissa was taken by guardians, not Strigoi.

Suddenly Rose is sucked back into Lissa's mind. She's tied up in the back of a expensive-looking car. Next to her are the guardians from the chapel. Rose recognizes one of their faces. It's Spiridon—one of Victor's guardians! Old Prince Victor has kidnapped Lissa and used a compulsion charm in Rose's necklace to stall her and Dimitri. Amazing.

But they are getting away. Rose pops back into her own head and tells Ms. Kivora that they are heading down Highway 85, miles away from campus.

Everyone jump into a bunch of black SUVs Entourage-style and speed down the highway. Soon they're following a dirt path to a small cabin in the woods. Rose does another brain-jump and sees Lissa greeted by Prince Victor. "Why are you doing this to me?" she asks. "So you can heal me," he replies.


"Heal you?"

Lissa's words echo inside Rose's mind. Prince Victor knows of Lissa's incredible power. Pan your brains back to the dead animals on her bed: He says he had his niece, Natalie, set it up. It's a reverse taxidermy trick! He also knows about Lissa healing Rose.

But not just the broken ankle. Oh, no. He knows she healed Rose after the accident that killed her family. He knows that her powers can bring back the dead because Rose wasn't just injured in that car accident. SHE DIED HERSELF. Wha--

Rose was dead and Lissa brought her back to life. That's how their bond was created and that's probably why Rose acts like a bitch all the time. Hey, you'd be surly too if you were once a cadaver.

Prince Victor goes on to explain that although it appears Lissa wasn't specializing in any of the four earth elements, she had been focusing on one special element, the SPIRIT ELEMENT, one that people have forgotten exists and is contained in the sacred cheerleading spirit stick. (JK about the last part.)

So why kidnap Lissa? Well, Victor's disease is so far gone he needs continual healing. He couldn't ask Lissa back on campus, because once people caught on she was a spirit element, he knew they would stop her. He needed to do it in secret. That is why he brought her there. To be his own personal slave nurse until he is fully healed.

Lissa is not impressed with Victor's plans. How dare he choose his life over her freedom! What makes him so special? Apparently, he was heir to the throne before he got sick. And if he just got better, he could become king and led a war against the Strigoi. He wants the Moroi throne and Lissa is the only way he can get it.

Isn't that always the case? People are power hungry no matter if they're human or vampire. This is like Julius Caesar all over again, y'all.

One of the guardians, Kenneth, unties Lissa's hands. Victor reaches out to her. "Please, please heal me." But she won't do it. Whether or not she agrees with Victor's plan to fight the Strigoi, she will not be made a slave. Victor asks again, but Lissa refuses. That's when the pain starts.

Rose awakens back in her body. Hot fangs, people, they have to get to Lissa fast before it's too late! Apparently, Kenneth is controlling the air to suffocate Lissa. It's enough to get her to bend and she finally takes hold of Victor's old hands.

As Lissa sends the spirit into Victor the change is almost immediate. His skin smooths, his grey hair grows dark and long, he looks 20 years younger, but Lissa passes out from the strain.

The convoy finally reaches the cabin and Dimitri and the rest pour out of the SUVs, planning their attack. Rose is hungry to get in there with them, but Dimitri orders her to stay in the car. She's not fully trained and definitely not ready to take on Victor, unless for a flirt fight. Reluctantly, Rose gets back in the SUV.

As she kicks the dashboard in frustration , she bounces back into Lissa's body (handy for us readers). Lissa is waking up on a couch and notices that Victor and his guardians are in the kitchen. She only has one watchman near her, and easily distracts him with some compulsion, slipping out the window.

Rose hears a voice that snaps her back into the car/her own brain. It's Christian. He snuck into the back seat back at the academy without anyone noticing. That guy! He must really love Lissa.

Rose is off to chase down Lissa before she passes out somewhere in the woods. Christian leaps out as well. (So does his heart, AWWWW.)

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