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Your Tuesday Dose of Awesomesauce: Emma Stone DESTROYS Jimmy Fallon in Lip-Sync Battle!

Your Tuesday Dose of Awesomesauce: Emma Stone DESTROYS Jimmy Fallon in  Lip-Sync Battle!

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As if I wasn't obsessed enough with Emma Stone already, last night she had to go and MURDERBALL Jimmy Fallon in a lip-syncing battle for the ages. I'm not going to say that her performance was better than Joseph Gordon-Levitt's—but that's only because he's my real-life boyfriend, and I don't want things to get awkward at home (JOSEPH CAN BE VERY SENSITIVE). The epic video of Emma's tour-de-force truimph is below; press play, then prepare to sit in stunned, gleeful silence for 7 minutes as the indomitable Miss Stone DECIMATES Mr. Fallon at his own game (his robot dance moves may be 9 kinds of adorable, but HE NEVER EVEN STOOD A CHANCE).

 COME ON. How perfect can one gorgeous, hilarious redhead be?! TOO PERFECT, BUTTS. TOO. PERFECT. Did you die over this? I did. I'M DEAD. What song would you choose in a lip-sync battle to the death? I'd definitely have to go with something by Hootie and the Blowfish. I WOULD OWN THAT STAGE.

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