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Writer Wars: The Afterlife

Hello, writers, and welcome to this week's Writer Wars! Last week's prompt asked a question that's been around since the dawn of humanity: what happens when you die? You wrote stories tackling reincarnation, heaven, hell, ghost bureaucracies, and other ethereal realms that were too sad to define without getting a case of the crying-for-a-whiles. I was impressed by the variety of different approaches to the same prompt, so give yourselves a hearty pat on the shoulder.

This week's Sparklers' Choice Award is awarded to TomasMantosorri, who wrote up a grim, horrifying view of eternal suffering with a hidden message making the truth of it all too real. You could practically hear the character in the story screaming. You guys got some real darkness in you, and I'm excited to see just how messed up I can make the illustrations for this when I post it later on this week! Rotting corpses and bones and stuff—gonna be nasty and fun. For now though, let's give out some other awards!

Topics: Life
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