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No Date? No Prom-blem! (Emma Goes to PRAHM, Part 4!)

No Date? No Prom-blem! (Emma Goes to PRAHM, Part 4!)

Catch up on Emma's prom drama right here!

In here fabulous song Boyfriend, Ashlee Simpson said “Hollywood sucks you in / but it won't spit me out.”

Replace “Hollywood” with “senior year” and you'll get the gist of my past few weeks. But now I’m back and I HAVE OODLES TO TELL Y’ALL! (Well actually three things, really. But they’re all mucho importante!)

1. I HAVE A GROUP!! After much thought, I decided to ask to join a group that one of my friends had informally invited me into. While April and Avani are unfortunately not in this group, several of my really good friends are, and I think the group as a whole is a better fit for me. I also like the after-party plans a lot better (we’re going to party it up at a nearby lake, wut wut). So anyway, I asked my friend if I can join, and she was like "Awesome, I’ll talk to the group." And then, they had a vote. A VOTE. On whether I could join the group. Oh prama… I told y’all groups were a big deal at my school. The majority was in my favor, though, so I HAVE A GROUP!!

2. I HAVE A DRESS!! It’s this one. If you followed the clicky, you saw that it leads to a website called Rent the Runway. I thought about dresses a lot, and if you’ve been reading my past posts, you know that I’ve tried on loads. I realized that renting would be the best option for me, as I know I won’t wear my prom dress again, and I won’t regret not keeping it for years. Also, if you were observant, you will notice that the dress I picked retails for about $1600, but after shipping, tax, and the $25 discount Rent the Runway does for your first rental, I’m renting it for four days for just under $180. I love the tulle and the lace and how different it is. Everyone I’ve shown it to has said that it’s very “me.” Soooo, I HAVE A DRESS!!

3. I HAVE NO DATE!! Okay, this one isn’t really news, but more an update on the dudes situation. James now has a girlfriend, and I’m almost positive they’re going to prom together. I’ve heard that Jeffrey adamantly does not want a date, and we’re in different groups, so… yeah, prolly not. And Job just asked an underclassman. WOOHOO. So while I’m expecting to be and totally okay with going solo, I’m still keeping my eye out for potential dates. Groups make this hard, as most people have picked a group by now and don’t really want to switch. Right now, there is only one single guy in my group, and he is very opposed to friend dates, so I would have to look outside of the group. But, I don’t know… prahm miracles happen, right? For the time being though, I HAVE NO DATE!! Woooo.

Well, everything’s coming together Sparklers. All my teachers are freaking out on us and doing AP review. All my classmates are progressing to late-stage senioritis, snapchatting through class and generally not caring about much besides prahm and graduation. Prom plans are happening, my group has a restaurant, a spot for pictures, and all of that business. We’ll probably have a shirt soon.

As I’m writing this, prahm is 27 days away. Graduation is 11 days after that. College is right around the corner. I’m growing up, Sparklers. It’s weird. And not gonna lie, I must admit that I’m slightly disappointed my high school experience didn’t turn out more like High School Musical. That being said, it was pretty awesome, and I STILL HAVE PRAHHHHHM!

Are your prom plans shaping up, too? Are you as OBSESSED with Emma's totally gorgeous prom dress as we are?!

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