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It's Da Newz with H. Alan!

It's Da Newz with H. Alan!

By H. Alan Scott

Hey Sparklers! I'm gonna lay down all the news from this week that you'll need to know in order to sound smarter and more fly and well read. You're welcome!

Here are some links for this week's chit chat about da newz:

US Accused of 'Imperialism' as Obama Rekindles Military Deal With Philippines

Venezuela: Where the Wealthy Stir Violence While the Poor Build a New Society

In Venezuela, Protesters Point to Their Scars

Militants Pose Threat on Eve of National Elections in Iraq

Ending Asia Trip, Obama Defends His Foreign Policy

For next week (I'll be in a Google Hangout at 3 p.m. EDT - follow @halanscott for an alert!), pop any issues you'd like me to discuss in the comments!

- H. Alan

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