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10 Signs You Want to Date Yourself

10 Signs You Want to Date Yourself

You've found the one! It just happens to be YOU.

  1. Whenever you go on a date to the movies, you always wish you were at home Netflixing... alone.
  2. In fact, your favorite time is ALONE TIME.

  3. The thought of engagement and marriage, at any age, makes you want to vomit...
  4. ...But you do love the way you look with a ring on. And you know you can work a white dress like no other, honey.

  5. Every time you hear a funny joke, you laugh on the outside, but on the inside you're thinking, "I'm funnier."
  6. You don't know a single crushable person... celebs included. Who needs the pretension?
  7. You've never had a boyfriend, and you're perfectly okay with that.

  8. Got Facebook invite for something? You're replying "NOT ATTENDING." Or maybe "MAYBE."
  9. Your Instagram account has nothing but selfies. What else?

    (YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)
  10. Your friends invite you to a really fun sleepover. Your immediate response to the text: "Hey guys, I'd really love to make it but if I break plans with myself one more time, my relationship with me will face some major consequences. Next time!"

If this sounds like you... ain't nothin' wrong with that! Enjoy yo'self!

(YouTube/Des Vines)

Do you love spending time with you? 

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