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Writer Wars: Invention

Welcome, writers, to another Writer Wars! Though, the more I think about it, it's not really a "war" by most definitions. Writer Polite Competitions? Writer Pleasant Exchanges of Ideas? Writer Writings? Eh, none have the same ring. War it shall remain!

Last week's prompt asked you to introduce the world to a new invention, something new and mysterious that changes our daily lives, and boy did you all deliver. Some inventions were glorious, some horrifying, but most had at least a couple unforeseen consequences, the most popular of which was despair. You crafted some intriguing and wonderful stories, so let's hand out the much deserved rewards!

This week's Sparklers' Choice Award is given to MyHair'sOnFire for her story "Skin." An unfeeling, semipermeable membrane is created and attached to every person to save them from unstoppable Plague, but that's not all it keeps out. Sound, light, touch—everything is altered. As readers pointed it, it's creepy, yet sweet, disturbing, yet optimistic, but overall: goooooood. Look for the illustrated version later this week!

Topics: Life
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