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Signs You're Good to the Earth

Signs You're Good to the Earth


You are going to ride bicycles to prom. Recycled bicycles.

You actually plant trees. Not just talk about it.

You unplug your mom's curling iron. Even when she's in the middle of using it.

You raise your own animals and grow your own vegetables to eat. Then cry over them at dinner.

You leave a light footprint. The trick is Vibram Five Fingers.

You and your reusable water bottle are inseparable. BFFs!

You've taken in so many wild animals, your bedroom looks more like a zoo than an actual room. Maybe Matt Damon will buy your room.

You adopted a highway. Congratulations! She's beautiful.

You walk to school. And not just because you got grounded from the car.

You avoid any and all plastics. You don't do mean girls.

You're always running late to school, because you stop to pick up trash along the way. Yeah, that's it... not because you slept through your alarm clock, AGAIN.

You buy locally grown, organic vegetables whenever possible. Good thing your room is such a mess. All that dirt really came in handy for the garden.

You save energy. Especially your own, by laying on the couch all day.

You donate clothes and other stuff you don't need to charity. Spreading the awesomeness to others!

You don't leave the water running when you brush your teeth. You have a tear catchment.

You take showers instead of baths to conserve the water. The loud singing is just an added bonus.

You layer up on sweatshirts and blankets instead of cranking up the heat. That one makes dad happy, too.

You truly recycle. Even when others aren't looking. 

You collect rain water for the garden. Sometimes, when the moon is right, you even do a rain dance.

You volunteer for good causes, because you care. It just so happens that your crush also volunteers for those same causes.

You shut off the lights when you leave the room. Even when others are still hanging out in the room.

You reuse everything for something else. The cottage cheese container makes great Tupperware and your ex turned out to be a good friend. Everything can be used twice!

You shop at thrift stores. The coolest clothes are there anyway.

You make your own household cleaners. No more passing out from fumes!

You've convinced your parents to upgrade their lightbulbs to energy-saving fluorescents. Incandescent lighbulbs are soooo last season.

For your last birthday you asked your parents for a compost system. Then you wished for a greener planet when you blew out the candles—but you can't tell anyone, else it won't come true.

You turn off your computer at night. Even though it practically KILLS you to do it.

You use cloth instead of paper napkins. Just like fancy people.

You make your own wrapping paper out of leftover scraps of paper. It's a great way to show your friends you care and that you got a B+ on that math quiz.

You celebrate Earth Day by throwing a party. Everyone brings a donation of something you no longer use at home.

You've been taking spin classes so that, someday, you can generate your own wind machine.

You remember that being good to the Earth is a 365-days-a-year job. In the end it pays better than your job at the mall.

You forward this article to your friends to remind them to be good to the Earth too. 

What are you doing for Earth Day?




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