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The Hottest Crushes From Years Past

You know how you think Theo James is the hottest slice of manpizza ever to sizzle his cheese on the silver screen? Well, before Theo James, there was a little someone who went by the initials JTT.  In the '80s and '90s, the hearts and lady eggs of the internet were reserved for a different set of hunky heartthrobs. Step into the Way Back Machine and let us introduce you to the hottest boys of yesteryear, and try and explain their appeal (may require some guesswork!). HOW MANY OF THESE CRUSH-MACHINES DO YOU KNOW?!

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Tags: crushes, celebrities, slideshows, the internets, american history, television shows, ancient crush history, manpizza

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Kathryn Williams is the author of three YA novels but only one with an Oxford comma in the title. She is a Taurus and hates writing bios. Check out her website,, and follow her on Twitter @kathrynwauthor.

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