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How to Ask Someone to Prom: Fill in the Blanks

How to Ask Someone to Prom: Fill in the Blanks


Still hanging loose with prom approaching? There are two ways to ask someone to prom: the casual ask—for your friend, acquaintance, someone you like but don’t like like, or someone you really like but are afraid will reject you—and the romantic ask—for your SO or the SO of your dreams, to whom you are ready to bare your soul and feel your feelings. Both asks have been known to bring on night terrors, cold sweats, arrhythmia, loss of memory, diarrhea, anaphylaxis, hallucination, hyperpigmentation, poliosis, chicken pox, and in severe instances, temporary blindness. Spare yourself the drama and the anxiety by using our handy dandy fill-in-the-blank prom asks. The prom invitation has never been so easy.

The Casual Ask

  1. Prospective date’s name.
  2. Direction.
  3. School subject.
  4. Noun.
  5. Adjective.
  6. Verb.
  7. Adjective.
  8. Adjective.
  9. Adjective.
  10. Noun.
  11. Plural noun.
  12. Verb.
  13. Verb.
  14. Place.

Oh, hey, __[1]__. What’s __[2]__? How’d you do on that __[3]__ __[4]__? Yeah, me too. Hey, __[5]__ question: Are you planning on __[6]__ing to prom? I’m thinking about it. It could be totally __[7]__ or really __[8]__, but I figure it's, like, __[9]__. Hey, here’s a __[10]__, since we’re __[11]__, maybe we could __[12]__ together? Cool. I’ll __[13]__ you about it later. See ya at __[14]__.

The Romantic Ask

  1. Prospective date’s name.
  2. Verb.
  3. Adjective.
  4. Verb.
  5. Verb.
  6. Adjective.
  7. Verb.
  8. Noun.
  9. Verb
  10. Adjective.
  11. Verb.
  12. Verb.
  13. Noun.
  14. Noun.
  15. Noun.
  16. Noun.
  17. Verb.

__[1]__, surprise! Oh no, don’t __[2]__! I just have a very __[3]__ question to ask you. I suspect you know how much I __[4]__ you. In fact, I have __[5]__ed you for a __[6]__ time. I think you __[7]__ the __[8]__. You __[9]__ me. When I imagine this __[10]__ night in our high school experience, it has always been you I see __[11]__ing beside me. There is no one else I’d rather __[12]__ to prom. Will you do me the great __[13]__ of being my __[14]__? I pledge to treat you like a __[15]__ and give you a __[16]__ you’ll never __[17]__.

What does your prom ask look like?

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