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Red-Carpet Worthy Prom Looks Inspired By Emma Watson, JLAW, and TSwift!

By Chelsea Dagger Apr 18, 2014

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Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: You're standing outside Emma Watson's apartment. You're dressed in a superbly unconvincing homemade tree costume. You're primed and ready for Emma to walk by, at which point you will drop-tackle her, steal a single strand of her hair, shout "I'MSORRYILOVEYOUUUUUUU" and take off into the night, the final ingredient for the world's greatest Polyjuice Potion clutched in your sweaty little hands.


Even if you haven't stooped to petty larceny, idiotic costumery, and high-level wizardry to try and transform yourself into the likes of Granger Danger, JLaw, and Tay-Swifty, I'm sure that the imminent arrival of prom has at least made you consider doing all three—after all, wouldn't it be wonderful to look like a celeb for the night? BEHOLD, YOUR MIRACULOUS SOLUTION: this slideshow! With absolutely ZERO drop-tackles or DIY shrubbery shirts, you can now look just as glamorous and gorgeous as your fave lady crushes—just click "next" to find out how! And remember: if you do decide to go the Polyjuice Potion route, you can get Boomslang skin on eBay for, like, 3 Galleons. BUT YOU DIDN'T HEAR THAT FROM ME.

Dagger Note: This slideshow was NOT sponsored; a huge thanks to,,, and for allowing us to use their product images!

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